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The “GITTERBOX” is a key component in industry.


The work of the European Pallet Association, its National Committees and licensees forms the stable basis for the successful, open pallet pool and enables the global exchange of EPAL load carriers.
The "GITTERBOX” is a key component in industry. Wherever it is necessary to introduce components that have not been individually repackaged to the production process, it is an essential link between the suppliers and the production facilities.

Constant quality assurance and high quality materials ensure trouble-free, safe performance for users and loading. It therefore offers tangible benefits compared to alternative containers available on the market.

GITTERBOX pallets are safe across borders.
GITTERBOX pallets guarantee smooth transport of your goods.
GITTERBOX pallets ensure stable storage of your goods.
GITTERBOX pallets ensure maximum occupational safety thanks to their high quality. 

Modern, reusable packagingProtects against damage and loss
Eliminate packaging waste and disposal costs
Can be easily stacked and transported
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